About Us…

Himalayan Foundation-USA

“Support, Educate, and Preserve”

The Himalayan Foundation-USA is a Pittsburgh-based, 501c-3, non-profitorganization founded in 2016 to provide quality-of-life enhancing services to the most vulnerable segments of the Bhutanese immigrant community in Southwest Pennsylvania

Who we are?

The Himalayan Foundation-USA is a non-profit formed in 2016 with the primary objective to provide services to the vulnerable segments of the Bhutanese immigrant/refugee community in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Himalayan Foundation-USA defines the vulnerable population as the elderly, individuals with disabilities, individuals without immediate family support and children as they acclimate to their new environmenteducationally and socially.

We also exist to ensure the preservation of the Himalayan history and culture. As our youth acclimate to their new society, language and traditions and culture are rapidly being lost. Communication breakdown is also occurring within family units and the elders can no longer communicate with their English-speaking grandchildren. We as an organization strive to keep this culture alive by providing Nepali dance, language, art and music classes to the children, adult dance classes and an annual Cultural Program.

Long-term goals are to have our own physical space where we can offer all activities and programming, senior “daycare” and a museum to preserve our history, stories, artifacts and culture forever. And as we grow as an organization, our hope is to expand our services throughout Pennsylvania and the tri-state area and to other populations in need.

We are a 100% volunteer organization working tirelessly to achieve these goals. 



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